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Ted Cruz: 'We need to build a broad coalition'

/ Source: TODAY

Sen. Ted Cruz, who announced his 2016 presidential bid Monday, says there's room for a wide range of American citizens in his coalition.

"We need to bring together the old Reagan coalition of Conservatives, the Evangelicals, and Libertarians and Republican women and young people and Hispanics and Reagan Democrats. You've got to bring everyone together," the Texas Republican told TODAY's Matt Lauer in an exclusive interview Tuesday alongside his wife, Heidi. "We need to build a broad coalition."

Cruz was the first contender to formally announce a White House run, making his leap into the Republican campaign with an early morning tweet Monday, followed hours later by a speech at Liberty University, a Baptist school in Virginia.

Cruz said there's room in his campaign to work with people who reflect all social perspectives.

"What Washington does often is it compromises going backwards. I’m perfectly happy to work with anyone — Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Republican — if they’re shrinking the size and power of the federal government, if they’re turning around the debt, if they’re expanding liberty," he said.