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Tech-challenged like Meredith? Here’s help

Thanks to a recent tech tutorial, TODAY's Meredith Vieira learned how to share family photos and videos, organize digital music and more. Know someone like Meredith? Share this basic how-to guide with printable cheat sheets.
/ Source: TODAY

Even the savviest techies find it hard to keep up with the digital advances transforming the way we work and live. It can be downright intimidating!

But as Meredith Vieira discovered during a recent tech makeover tutorial, with a little time, patience and practice, you can catch up. I also recommend seeking out help in your own home. Ask a young adult to coach you for a few hours a month. Many local colleges, community centers and churches offer low cost introductory computer classes, too. Find out what’s going on in your neighborhood. And of course, if you are purchasing a new computer, inquire about tutoring services your local retailer may offer.

For her tech makeover, Meredith really wanted to focus on the skills that would enhance her personal life: sharing family photos and videos and organizing her music library. There are a lot of steps, so it’s a good idea to post them near your computer. We created the following cheat sheets for Meredith.

Transfer and save photos from camera to computer

1. Create folder for photos (if you have a PC, right click your mouse, scroll through menu to NEW, select FOLDER and type in a name for it)

2. Plug USB cable into computer

3. In your START menu click on MY COMPUTER

4. Double click on “camera”

5. Select photos you want and drag to folder

6. Delete photos off camera

Move photos from camera to computer: Click here to open Meredith’s printable cheat sheet

Scan photos with a scanner

1. Download scanner software

2. Plug scanner into computer

3. Put photo in scanner

4. Hit SCAN button on scanner

5. Drag image to your photo folder on your computer

Scan photos: Click here to open Meredith’s printable cheat sheet

Take a BlackBerry photo and e-mail it

1. Find camera icon on BlackBerry

2. Take a picture

3. Use the roller ball to scroll to the ENVELOPE icon

4. Click on ENVELOPE icon and select e-mail address

5. Hit send

Take a BlackBerry photo and e-mail it:

Share a Flip video

1. Plug Flip camera into computer

2. In START menu, click MY COMPUTER

3. Double click on FLIP

4. Videos will appear

5. Select video, click on SEND

Share a Flip video:

Add music to iPod

1. Download iTunes program to computer

2. Open iTunes and put CD you want to transfer in drive

3. Look for CD on iTunes screen, click on it

4. Select songs you want, click IMPORT

5. Plug iPod into computer

6. Drag new music into iPod icon

Add music to iPod: Click here to open Meredith’s printable cheat sheet

Remember, it takes practice. But aside from throwing your computer against the wall or spilling coffee all over it, you cannot break it. Don’t be afraid to play around with your computer and get comfortable. And if all else fails, hit ESC and start all over again.

I had a lot of fun sitting down with Meredith and helping her feel more confident. What else do you want to know how to do?

Let us know!