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Taylor goes for angelic and ethereal in new line

Limeade. Citron. Some of Rebecca Taylor's colors sound so scrumptious they should be eaten.
/ Source: The Associated Press

Limeade. Citron. Some of Rebecca Taylor's colors sound so scrumptious they should be eaten.

That's fine for the designer, who wants her clothes, above all, to make women happy.

"There's enough bummer in the world," Taylor said backstage after showing her spring collection Friday at the Lincoln Center tents. "I just want girls to feel pretty and to feel sexy. All my models tell me, this is what we want to wear."

The New Zealand-born designer said she was aiming this time for something "modern, ethereal and angelic." The angelic part was evident in filmy dresses — the "moonlight eyelet asymmetrical dress," for example, looked like a vintage nightgown.

Dresses like that and the "moonlight pieced T-shirt dress" looked both comfortable and delicate, but there were pieces with attitude, too, especially a series of garments made of "snake leather" (not the real thing): A dress, an apron top, a bomber jacket, a pair of pants.

There was also a digital printed army jacket, paired with a citron-colored dress.

And if you dare to wear see-through skirts, make sure your undies are in good shape (and the right color) — two long skirts unabashedly had them showing through: A black pointelle skirt, and one in that luscious limeade color.

A henley dress with a wild roses motif was more wearable and perfect for the very sultry early September day — a day that had fashionistas fanning themselves in the packed shows (Actresses Ashley Tisdale and Sophia Bush, and TV personality Whitney Port were among those fashionistas in attendance.) The same motif returned immediately in an apron wrap dress.

All in all, it was a user-friendly and accessible collection for people who want to look, well, pretty.

"Yes, my clothes are happy clothes," Taylor said. So sue her.