Tamron Hall hosts new true-crime show in her sister's memory 

Investigation Discovery debuts a new documentary series this weekend that offers viewers a different — and personal — perspective on crime, thanks to a host with firsthand understanding of losing a loved one to a violent attack.

Like most true-crime series, “Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall” will feature interviews with investigators and criminal experts. But it also will focus on discussions with the relatives and friends of victims lost to violent crimes, and survivors who lived through horrific ordeals. 

For Hall, the show hits close to home.

Her older sister, Renate, was murdered in Texas in 2004 in a domestic violence case that, officially, remains unsolved. Hall said the idea behind her new show stemmed from her sister’s memory.

“I started talking with other survivors and their families about the difficult challenge — you have no closure. And this show evolved,” she said Thursday on TODAY.

“This show came about organically, and I’ve been able to have this blessed opportunity to talk to other families in a similar situation and let their voice be heard,” she said.

Hall said her father had an especially difficult time with the tragedy.

“My father passed away a few years after (Renate), my mother believes, of a broken heart, because a dad’s job is to protect his daughters,” she said.

In each one-hour episode, Hall meets with law enforcement experts and news correspondents to reach behind the headlines of crime-related stories. The show airs every Sunday on the Investigation Discovery network.

“It will be a show that brings people in, and they’ll see that this is about heart and soul,” Hall said. “These are about people who are behind the headlines, and it means the world to me to have this opportunity.”