Surprise! Military members reunite with family for the holidays

For members of the military, an overseas deployment at this time of year can be particularly tough, as it often means missing out on quality time with spouses or loved ones, as well as family traditions like watching kids unwrap their presents. So there's nothing better than seeing a surprise homecoming during the holidays, when service members are able to give their families the greatest gift they can, by showing up where they're least expected.

To warm your heart this holiday season, we've rounded up some of this year's most emotional surprise reunions. Get your tissues ready!

Sergeant First Class Jeremy Ino surprises his family during a Colts-Rams game as the crowd roars. 

A soldier returning from his second deployment in Afghanistan interrupts his mother's tennis game with a pleasant surprise.

That's no ordinary waitress. That's Sergeant Coody surprising her mother and sister with her return by posing as a waitress.

Here is a whole montage of surprise holiday reunions that are all touching in their own way.