Surprise! Michelle Obama welcomes guests as White House tours resume

Mrs. Obama greeted unsuspecting guests Tuesday as White House tours resumed.

Oh hello, Mrs. Obama. I didn't expect to see you here.

Joined by first dogs Bo and Sunny (and, for a little bit, the president, too), the first lady greeted visitors to her home (also known as the White House) Tuesday morning as tours resumed after nearly eight months. The White House closed its gates to tours in March, citing staff reductions in response to government sequestration. 

As of Tuesday morning, tours are back underway — and with a special surprise. The first lady announced on Twitter that she'd greet visitors as they passed through the Blue Room. 



And on Instagram she whispered that she'd be joined by two guests: Bo and Sunny.

Think you won't be able to make it to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in time? Take the virtual tour. (Disclaimer: Michelle, Bo and Sunny will not be there.)