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Supermoon provides super pictures from around the world

There are more amazing images than you can shake a stick at, but here are some of our favorites.
/ Source: TODAY

Sunday night's rare Supermoon was amazing and inspirational, particularly for photographers. Thousands around the world watched the moon, which turned red as it was eclipsed, and many sent their photos out on social media.

Since it's an event that won't happen for another 18 years (and had not happened since 1982), you have a long wait ahead until the next one — so enjoy these pictures (and a video) in the meantime!

Supermoon over Liverpool, UK:

Over the bucolic fields of Devon, UK:

Atop a rollercoaster:

Over the Old Capitol in Des Moines, Iowa:

Supermoon rising in a video:

In its changing phases:

Over Paris.Richard Bord / Getty Images Contributor

Positioned near an airplane near Tokyo:

epa04954059 An Air France jetliner is approaching to a runway for landing under a so-called 'Supermoon' at Tokyo International Airport at Haneda in Tokyo, Japan, 28 September 2015. The 'Supermoon' can be seen when the moon makes closest approach to the Earth, this time coinciding with a total lunar eclipse. EPA/KIMIMASA MAYAMAKimimasa Mayama / EPA

Of course, some were bedeviled by cloud cover:

While Chrissy Teigen spoke for a lot of us in explaining why she voluntarily missed out:

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