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Summer blast your skin? Reverse the damage

Spent too much time in the sun and now paying for it? Emmy Award-winning makeup artist Eve Pearl shares quick fixes for common problems like sunburns, uneven tan lines, bug bites and more.
/ Source: TODAY

Summertime fun in the sun doesn’t always have a happy ending. And no matter how many preventive measures we take with sunscreen and bug spray, we’ve all still experienced those nasty burns and welting bites. Five-time Emmy Award-winning celebrity makeup artist Eve Pearl explains how to take care of skin while enjoying the warm weather and sun.

Sunburned and peeling face
If you’re like many others suffering from overexposure to the sun, there are measures that can be taken to cover up the burn without irritating the face. First and foremost (if you’re not already doing so), you must be sure to stay hydrated and apply a Vaseline-like gel like Aquaphor to the affected area. This will help quicken the regeneration of skin cells. In the meantime, there’s no need for you to stay locked up indoors during this healing process. 

To best cover the burn, start by gently exfoliating the skin and then apply a priming moisturizer. Next, apply a cream-based foundation and blush to the skin using a synthetic makeup brush. If you use a sponge, it will aggravate the peeling and could make your skin’s condition worse.  A darker or tan-toned foundation will tend to cover up the redness in the burn and a cream blush will accentuate your cheekbones as a pink tone rather than a red mess. The combination of the cream foundation and blush blended in to the face will instantly improve the evenness of your skin and hide that hideous burn. 

Bear in mind that the old myths about cream-based foundations being bad for the skin is no longer the case. Many cream-based products are currently filled with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and peptides. Thankfully, a nasty burn no longer needs to mark the end of your summer, so enjoy the warm weather while still having fun! 

Note: A smoky eye paired with a natural lip gloss will finish off the look, and will bring out the new tan you’ve just created. (EVE PEARL® HD Dual Foundation, $54, and Diva Eye Pallet, $40.)

Sunscreen-protected face with a tanned body
You’re not the only one! A majority of women tend to protect their face with sunscreen on a daily basis, neglecting to cover up the rest of their body. In fact, most women will tell you that while sunbathing they tend to use a higher sun block on their face than the rest of their body.  If you’re one of those women, you’re going to need to learn how to match your light face to the rest of your tanned body. 

Option number one: Apply a self-tanning lotion with a sponge to your face. The self-tanning lotion can even be used as a base for option number two, which is to apply a dark foundation or powder to the face. Go over the makeup with a powder blush. Make sure to take the makeup down onto your neck area when necessary. Note: As you take your summertime makeup look into the fall, try applying classic bronze tones on your eyes and accentuate your lips with that favorite red lipstick. To be sure your red gloss stays red and does not turn pink, use a caramel pencil to line the entire lip. (FakeBake® Self Tanning Lotion, EVE PEARL® Au Natural Eye Pallet, $40, Kisses of Pearl Lip Gloss Combo in Hey Sexy/Hot Mamma, $28, and Kohl Lip Pencil in Caramel, $18.)

Uneven tan lines and bug bites
We all know what it’s like to have uneven tan lines that we wish we could cover. Well, it’s easier than one might think. Self-tanning lotions and sprays are a great way to cover unruly tan lines. 

But before applying a self tanner, you should exfoliate your skin and apply an oil-free moisturizer. This will ensure an even application without streaking. However, to achieve the most even and longest-lasting results, try going for a full-body airbrush tan. Wait at least four hours before showering after an airbrush tan. The longer you wait, the longer your tan will last. For a quick fix, use your foundation to cover/even up those tan lines. You will probably need to go a shade or two darker than your regular colors to even your skin out with the darkness of the tan. If you need to, add some blush — try a cream blush first and then a powder to set.

In addition, the self tanners will cover the redness in bug bites. With summer barbecues, outdoor picnics and parties, we find that we become just another meal for those pesky insects like mosquitoes and spiders. Not only do these bites become unbearably itchy, but the red bites and inflammations that are left behind don’t exactly bring out the flawless skin we hope to flaunt in the summertime.

Apply the same self-tanning techniques written above to hide those bites. Hint: When your self-tanning color begins to fade in certain areas — like your hands and feet — be sure to exfoliate those areas and apply the self tanner where needed. For a quick and radiant body glow, try taking your existing body lotion and add some gold/bronzed eye shadow pigments. It will give you a shimmered body.

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