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Stumped? Gifts for all types of dads

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Haven't found the right gift yet? No worries, GQ magazine wants to help. Style editor Adam Rapoport has his perfect present picks for the foodie father to the dapper dad and many others.

The foodie dad:

Super simple, super low-tech and super smart. Just fill the chimney with briquettes, place it on the grill and stuff some bunched-up newspaper in the space beneath the grate. Light the paper, walk away and come back two beers later to a stack of glowing coals, ready to be transferred to the grill. No chemicals, no singed eyebrows, no toxic fumes.

Buy dad this Japanese-style cook's knife, and he won't need the six-knife set. This is the all-purpose knife that does absolutely everything. It's Wusthof's all-time best seller for good reason.

The dapper dad:
The seersucker tie (Prices vary from $75-150)

Buying Dad a tie for Father's Day is a cliché only if the tie itself is predictable. Buy him one of these seersucker ties and he'll be the best-dressed dad on the block this summer. They feel classic, but are thoroughly new-school. Wear it to a summer wedding or to the office with a cotton suit.

A Grosgrain-strapped watch (Prices vary from $20-175)

Leave your leather or steel-bracelet watch in the dresser drawer this summer and strap on something with a bit more flair. Ribbon-band watches are at once sporty and stylish. You can buy a watch by Lacoste or Timex with the band attached, or you can go to a men's store like J Press or Brooks Brothers and buy a ribbon band and switch out the strap on the watch you already own.

The rock 'n' roll dad:

You know whether or not your dad is cool enough to pull these off, and if he is, he'll absolutely love them. Full, lush, booming-bass sounds, courtesy of Dr Dre. Plus, a portion of the profits go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa. A little pricy but worth it if your dad is a hipster and loves music.

The sports fan dad:
(Prices vary from $25 and up)

Every Tom, Dick and Vinny has Yankees or Cubs hat. Why not give Dad something a bit more original? Ebbets Field Flannels creates authentic, superb-quality baseball garments from bygone teams and leagues. Remember the Salt Lake City Bees? The San Francisco Seals? Didn't think so. Here's your chance to get hip to them and their icon logos and deep history.

The ultimate splurge gift: ($2,599.95)
This is for the guy who has everything and for the family who's ready to spend a lot of money on new technology. 3-D TV isn't just a gimmick. It's here to stay. The World Cup will be broadcast in 3-D. Loved “Avatar” in 3-D at the Imax? You can buy it on DVD and bring it home. Major Baseball will be broadcast in 3-D next year. It's real-and it's awesome and won't come cheap. This TV comes with one pair of 3-D glasses and you can purchase more. And the TV won't be all you need, if you want to watch 3-D movies, you'll also need the correct compatible Blu-Ray player with each TV.

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