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Student nails impossible shot in chemistry class, becomes campus hero

An Ohio State University chemistry student is big man on campus after nailing a impossible-looking wastebasket toss.
/ Source: TODAY

The school year has barely started, but Ohio State University has already identified one big man on campus.

At least, one organic chemistry class does. During a lecture from a professor, a student was able to sink a near-impossible shot into a trash can from halfway across the lecture hall. According to a video posted by fellow student, the amazing shot meant everyone in the class got an A on that day's quiz.

It's a pretty electric moment:

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But of course it requires a little bit of background. First of all, according to another student, the young man who threw the ball was named Vinny Forte, not Benny.

And second ... well, it wasn't quite a 100-score-for-a-sunk-shot equation.

A poster on Reddit who says he or she was in the "lower floor of the class" that day wrote: "The actual promise was that there would be no quiz, expecting that the shot would miss. Instead, he decided that we still had to take it, but it was based on participation. ... The hype and applause that followed [the shot] was unreal."

According to another Redditor who says he or she was in the video, it all got started when the professor decided to demonstrate the definition of an acid by tossing a proton (the ball) into the class.

He shoots ... and he scores!@yo_rochelle / twitter

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"Then he said he made bets every semester before us on getting it in the can, and he would do the same with us," wrote the poster. "Thankfully the guy who threw it had a good arm!"

And thus a legend was born at OSU. Talk about great chemistry!

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