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Student buys math teacher cake on last day of school after being late every day

Busy high school senior Jennifer Hudak decided on an unconventional approach when apologizing to her calculus teacher for being tardy every day of the school year.
/ Source: TODAY

What do you get a teacher who has excused your tardiness not once, not twice, but every single day of the year?

Well, if you're Jennifer Hudak, you get him his favorite cake and write: "Sorry I was late to your class every day" in blue icing.

The 17-year-old is editor of the yearbook at her Miami private school, which meant she would have to regularly stay after class to get work done. This cut into her calculus class, making her 15 minutes late every day.

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Fortunately, her teacher was understanding (and judging by the photos, appears to have appreciated the gesture). After all, she's a good student and is even senior class president.

She did, however, feel bad, so on the last day of class, she presented him with an apology in the form of a cake.

After tweeting a photo of the cake, the post quickly attracted attention, with nearly 3,000 retweets. Students around the world are sending the idea to friends, suggesting they do the same for their own teachers.

im sorry cake
Responses to Jenny's tweet about the cake.Courtesy of Jenny Hudak's Twitter
im sorry cake
Responses to Jenny Hudak's tweet about the cake.Courtesy of Jenny Hudak's Twitter

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"This was intended to be a genuine token of appreciation for my teacher's year-long understanding about my being a few minutes late to class due to my responsibilities as editor of the yearbook," Hudak told TODAY in an email.

"The response to my original post in unexpected and surprising."