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Struggle with makeup? Tips to look flawless

/ Source: TODAY

Do you have trouble choosing foundations and concealers for your face? Do you feel hopeless when it comes to finding the right colors for your skin, or do you have an issue on your face that you’ve given up trying to cover? Well, ladies, your days of stressful makeup shopping and wrong color choices are over. Five-time Emmy award-winning celebrity makeup artist Eve Pearl has taken the confusion out of makeup with her easy-to-follow steps.

Choosing the right foundation shade
First and foremost, you must stop testing colors on the back of your hand. We’ve all done it before, but in fact, the back of your hand does not match your face or neck. Be sure to test products directly on the face, right above your jaw line. If the color matches your neck and the rest of your face after applying a small dab of product in this area, then it should be the right shade for you. If you are using a two-toned foundation you will want to test the lighter of the two shades.

Some women’s faces are lighter than the rest of their body. This tends to be a result of using daily SPF protection on their face but not anywhere else. They should choose foundation colors that will slightly warm them up and later a blush/bronzer combo.Other women’s faces are darker than their body. In that case, you would need to lighten your face so that it matches the rest of your body. This tends to be the case with women of color. In addition, if the skin is a bit oilier, it will have a tendency to oxidize the makeup and turn it darker. So it is very important to begin with a shade that is slightly lighter than your own skin color, but be sure to stay in a warm/honey tone, allowing it to become the correct shade within 5 to 10 minutes of application. Women of color will also want to stay away from shades that are too yellow, pink, or colder in tone. You are better off staying on the lighter side, because you can always warm up your face with a blush/bronzer. Once you’ve made it too dark, you can rarely lighten it up again.And then, of course, there are lots of women trying to get rid of redness in their face. For this, you want to use a beige tone to even out the skin tone and eliminate the redness. This is when a yellow/beige-toned foundation is appropriate.

Choosing the right under-eye concealer color Every woman wants to get rid of those dark under-eye circles, and ask most women what they use, and nine times out of ten they will say a light yellow-based concealer. Well, think about it for a minute: When you put yellow over blue, which are the veins showing through the thin layer of your skin, you will get green, gray, and those raccoon eyes we all hate. So you actually would be better off using a salmon-colored concealer, which will neutralize the blue, giving the illusion that the under-eye area is the same color as the rest of your face.

Application tips Bear in mind that foundations and concealers have come a long way. Where cream-based foundations used to be known as being bad for your skin, they now contain nutrients and tend to blend better and last longer than liquid-based foundations and mineral powders. Be sure to apply only the necessary amount of product (you should never need to apply makeup all the way down your neck to even out the coloring) and moisten your makeup sponge with water to blend. Also, using a two-toned foundation will allow you to contour. But don’t freak out just yet — just like the simple tips covered in this article, contouring is simpler than you think. To learn more visit,