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<strong>Inside the Green Room </strong></p>

It is a tough job, trying to be upfront, diplomatic yet make sure she doesn't upstage her boss, the President. On the other hand, she does get a cushy ride, doesn’t have to worry about frequent flyer miles and probably doesn’t worry that her cell phone doesn't work.

Then we had the cast of

Then he lost weight, gained attitude and shaved his head to become the bent, bad boy cop in FX's hit series, “The Shield.” He's my hero. I want to get buff and bad just like him.

Then we close it out with my three-year-old's answer to the Temptations, a pop kid’s group called

So there you have it, from the serious, to the sublime to the just plain silly – that's why I love this show!

Hey folks, who knew that interview Matt had with Tom Cruise would be the thing everybody would be talking about. Everywhere you looked talk shows, newspaper articles, radio call-in shows were discussing Tom Cruise and his intensity, his fire, his attitude about the subject of psychiatry, and drugs and more. Many folks agreed with me that he went over the line, and was rude and at times a bit obnoxious in his zeal to make a point.

Matt got a great e-mail from a friend. Semi-quoting the interview, "Matt … Matt … Matt ... you're glib, but if you had researched psychiatry like I have, you would know ... I’M NUTS!" Saturday I was in the Bahamas to interview Johnny Depp about his new movie, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and even he wanted to talk about it after the movie. One thing I will say, Tom Cruise has done a lot about the discussion of anti-depressants, psychiatry and more by bringing it out in the open and getting people to really talk about it. So to that end, thanks Tom. It is an important topic, and one that needs to be talked about!

Click here to watch video of the counter debate over anti-depressants and psychiatry.

• June 27, 2005 | 8:31 a.m.

The 'Today' show unwrapped (Marc Summers)

I have been doing the “Today” show for a long time! My first experience was in 1988 talking about Double Dare and being interviewed by Bryant Gumbel. It was one of the scariest experiences I have ever had doing TV, and it remains that way today! Why, you ask? Because I am a child of television and grew up on this program.

For the last four or five years, it has been my pleasure to appear on the show with Katie, Matt, Al and Ann doing segments based on my Food Network Show, “Unwrapped.” It is a combination of the show's history, walking into the studio and seeing the pictures of everybody from Dave Garroway and the chimp to the current hosts, going live, meaning no do overs and the energy of the place.

Morning shows are generally insane ... people running around like ants in all directions. How the all keep their cool is sometimes beyond me ... but they all pull it off beautifully! As Katie is running around, holding numerous papers and chatting to several producers at once, she always stops to say “hi” and ask how things are going. Matt is Mr. Cool Calm And Collected ... never getting rattled ... or at least acting that way! Al and I work together often doing these segments and have our Food Net bond as well. He is a very talented guy with many similar interest as me.

The crazy segments are the major extravaganzas out on the plaza ... they move fast and furious and the crowd adds to all that! I love doing the show, but, truth be told, get a bit nervous sick everytime before I go on, but I assume they like my work, cause they keep asking me back!

"Today" airs weekdays, 7 a.m. ET on NBC.