Strike a pose: Voga (yoga plus voguing) is a workout we can get behind

by Tanya Edwards /  / Updated 
Voga trend
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Our inner Madonnas are obsessed with Voga, a new workout that combines yoga with dance music and voguing.

The creation of Juliet Murrell, a London-based certified yoga instructor, Voga actually takes places in a nightclub (don't worry, during the day). Murrell told us she was inspired by the documentary Paris is Burning, a 1990 film that chronicled the New York ballroom dance scene in that era. Murrell explained that the film" expresses powerfully the concept that 'everybody is somebody.' It was a chance to express yourself..."

And now, here's your chance. If you're looking for a relaxing Zen experience, Voga is probably not for you. "Its a more expressive, dynamic form of yoga," says Murrell. "It's for those you like the idea of yoga but would like something more upbeat."

Check it out:

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