Storm chaser community pays tribute to 3 lost in tornado

Shocked and saddened by the deaths of three of their own in an Oklahoma tornado on Friday, members of the storm-chasing and weather community have paid tribute the best way they know how.

Veteran tornado researcher Tim Samaras, his son Paul Samaras, and fellow crew member Carl Young, who had done work with The Weather Channel, were killed in a twister that touched down in El Reno, Okla. To honor the trio, members of the weather spotter community used their GPS trackers to spell out the men's initials on the Spotter Network, a website storm chasers use to track the latest weather developments.

Each weather spotter has a GPS tracker that shows where they are in the country. Members of the network activated theirs to spell out the initials "TS," "PS," and "CY," across the states of North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska on the U.S. map.



Fellow storm chasers also have tried to get #twistex trending on Twitter. Twistex, a tornado research project created by Tim Samaras, stands for Tactical Weather Instrumental Sampling in/near Tornadoes Experiment.