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Steal their heart away with these romantic gifts

This Valentine's Day give more than just chocolate and roses. Dannielle Romano from highlights some ideas for him and her.
/ Source: Weekend Today

There's a little over a week until Valentine's Day — time to get your sweetheart a gift! Dannielle Romano from shares some ideas ranging from simple to splurge.  

For women
LingerieLingerie is a classic V-day gift because we really do love having fancy underthings we might not buy ourselves. What we don't love is when it's more sleazy than sexy. A new line called Sexy Panties and Naughty Knickers is wearable and gorgeous, and definitely more French chic than French maid. $40-$60

Valentine's Day cardWe were conditioned in grade school to appreciate a nice, paper card. But back away from the sappy drugstore greeting and pick up something we'll proudly hang in our cube, not hide in a drawer. Luxe Paperie carries a beautiful, retro variety. $3-$5

JewelryIt's hard to go wrong with jewelry. But here's the secret: most of us hate thinking you broke the bank trying to please us. A great compromise is the four heart pendant from artist Nicola Vruwink. It's high design that won't make anyone feel guilty. I “Heart” You Necklace, $85

Sweets for the sweet, right? Take candy to the next level with DC Duby's confections. They use chemistry to determine really bizarre flavor combinations you otherwise wouldn't believe would be so delicious, like rhubarb and stilton cheese and parsnip and pear! They also make collections of chocolates based on wine harvests. Trust us, they're divine. The Harvest Collection Confections, $39.95
For men
Huge sports decalsHe. Loves. Sports. Period, end of story. So clearly, his heart's desire is a giant, enormous decal of a team helmet or life-sized player on his office wall., $95

Childhood gamesThat's right. Games like Sorry and Operation gives your guy a chance to feel like a kid again and it's opportunity for you to do something together., $12.99-$16.99

Coffee makerHe doesn't have the heart to tell you he hates your coffee. This wildly futuristic yet exquisitely simple vacuum-coffee-thingy will have him singing a different tune tomorrow morning. You pour the water in the pot, and put the coffee grinds on top. As the water heats, it goes up into the top portion, mixes with the coffee grinds then drips back down. Santos set from Bodum, $49.95

Watch alternativeA fancy watch is a great gift, but a fancy watch is an expensive gift. How about a starter Rolex — a cool, edgy bracelet with just the imprint of a Rolex! Art! From Moss, $210

Rent a dream car
Rent a Lambourghini from Gotham Dream Cars for half-a-day, a full-day or a weekend. 1/2 day (12 hours): $1150; full day (24 hours): $1750; weekend (Fri-Sun): $3950; week: $8850