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Stay calm: How to avoid a wedding day disaster

Every brides want their big day to go flawlessly but sometimes problems arise like waking up with a big pimple or your gown won't stay on. Don't freak out, help is on the way! Fashion and beauty expert Jennifer Higgins, AKA Miss Oops is revealing her advice for solving those bridal beauty and fashion emergencies.
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As Miss Oops, Jennifer Higgins fixes fashion faux pas on a daily basis with her genius line of problem-solving products. Here, she shares her best advice for solving your bridal beauty and fashion emergencies.

Q: What items should every bride have in her wedding day kit?

A: Vaseline is a great item to have in your kit. When you're nervous or dehydrated your lips can stick to your teeth when you smile. Putting a little bit of Vaseline on your teeth will prevent that from happening. You should also include one of the Miss Oops Rescue Sponges in case you need to remove powder or deodorant marks from your gown. Mishap Tape is also a great way to fix a falling strap or hem that comes out. And don't forget to include some hand lotion so that when you put the ring on your finger your hand won't look dry, as well as a travel size can of hair spray.

Q: How do you prevent panty lines on your wedding day?

A: Wearing a thong is a great way to avoid creating panty lines. If you are wearing a white gown, don't wear a lace or white thong, especially if the gown is form fitting. A lot of women think white under white is best, but actually white will show up more. So pick a neutral color like beige instead.

Q: What should you do if you wake up the morning of your wedding day with a big pimple on your forehead?

A: Don't grab a hot wash cloth and pop it! If you don't bring the pimple out, it can swell and create a bigger problem. Just wash it and use cover-up. If the pimple is fading out, use bronzer and a little bit of powder and blush. You can essentially camouflage the pimple by just putting a little extra bronzer on your forehead and on the height of your cheekbones.

Q: How can a bride keep her gown in place on the wedding day?

Sometimes you can't wear a bra if your gown is very form fitting. In this case, stick chicken cutlets in your gown to give you a lift. Then, use our double-sided Mishap Tape and put it on the cutlets. The tape will keep your gown in place.

Q: What should you do if you or someone else spills on your gown?

A: Try to remove the stain as soon as you see it. The earlier you notice it, the better results you will have. You can use our trusty Rescue Sponges to dry the gown and remove the stain they won't damage your fabric and are safe to use on silk. After the wedding, take your gown off and give it a once over. If you see any marks on it at that point, just take one of your sponges out of your handbag and remove it at that time.

Q: What's the best way to recover if something does go wrong on your wedding day?

A: Don't let something small ruin the important moment. If your strap falls or something like that happens and it's bothering you, be playful. It's almost like you're on center stage. Look at your guests and smile. Go and pull your strap up, make the adjustment. It will be a memorable moment, so just have fun with all of the people who are there with you.