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Statements regarding auto dealer repairs story

Statements to NBC News from the president of Westbury Jeep Chrysler Dodge, Inc. and representatives of ASE and Jeep USA in response to an NBC News report about auto dealer repairs.
/ Source: TODAY

Below is a link to a letter to NBC News from the president of Westbury Jeep Chrysler Dodge, Inc., in response to a Oct. 18, 2011 report about auto dealer repairs. Following it is a statement in reponse to it from a representative of ASE, and a statement from a representative of Jeep USA.

To read a letter from Joel Sporn, president, Westbury Jeep Chrysler Dodge, Inc., click here.

Response to Westbury Jeep's statement from ASE spokesperson Tony Molla:
“To clarify the question regarding our consumer vehicle maintenance articles on the ASE website, these articles are meant to be used for general information purposes only. ASE does not establish or recommend any specific maintenance or service except as noted in the vehicle owner’s manual. We regard the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals as the baseline for maintaining your vehicle properly.”

Statement from Jeep USA corporate spokesperson Gualberto Ranieri:
“Our User Guides specify the authorized and recommended maintenance schedules for our vehicles.  We do not recommend the use of other third-party sources as service guides. 

Chrysler Group recognizes that issues can arise with customers in service or other dealership departments. While it is difficult to comment on a story that we are not allowed to view ahead of time, in this particular case, service technicians would be expected to make recommendations for maintenance services or repairs based on the age and condition of the vehicle in order to assist customers maximize the performance and life of their vehicle. I can assure that we are investigating this case, in the same manner we do when a customer feels that he/she has been unfairly or unethically treated. Chrysler Group appreciates this feedback as it helps us to better assist the dealer in properly training dealership employees and creating the best customer experience possible. Chrysler Group dealers are required to meet Dealer Standards on customer care and service technician training. Our Chrysler Academy provides dealership service technicians and other dealership personnel with mandatory Web-based and instructor-led courses.  Chrysler Group has seen consistent improvement in the area of customer care across our dealership network since we launched our Dealer Standards almost two years ago. The improvement in customer care is being recognized by many shoppers and customers as captured and measured by independent, third-party firms.”