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Stars run to buy cellulite-busting sneakers

Celeb style expert Steven Cojocaru on how stars are walking off the weight — and are going cuckoo for cocoa puffs.
/ Source: TODAY

Bliss Anti-Cellulite Sneakers
Price: $249
Can this be true? New York's chichi spa BlissWorld has discovered a new cellulite reducing technology and created sneakers which actually REDUCE, (gulp) cellulite? Heidi Klum among other celebs have called from movie sets to place an order. BlissWorld founder, Marcia Kilgore, stumbled upon this technology when she was over in London researching various spas and products. The secret behind these sneaks? The heel of the shoe is positioned in a "rocker" shape, which aligns the posture, bones and ligaments in a sort of way that your body isn't used to. Therefore, in wearing them, you are putting to work muscles that you wouldn't normally work. Before founder Kilgore put them out on shelves, she tested them and found that they really work (FOR HER). As a result of the sudden craze, BlissWorld is sold out until the start of May (if you call, you can get put on a waiting list). Available at for $249.

Aveda "Earth" T-Shirts
To be auctioned on EBay starting April 20thAveda has created a t-shirt project to raise money for people and places around the world to celebrate Earth Month 2004 (April). They have asked celebrities to design t-shirts expressing their "personal views on the state of the earth." And the t-shirts will be auctioned off on EBay. I guess Paris Hilton thinks the state of the earth is all about her cause her t-shirt is just a drawing of herself!

All of the money raised will go to an organization called Global Greengrants -- who will distribute the funds to some of the world's most despoiled and impoverished places. Global Greengants minimizes red-tape in international grant (fund) delivery. They make sure that groups in the developing world receive as much money as possible by not allowing governments to take most of it away before it reaches the people who need it.

"Cereal To Go" T-Shirt
Price: $45This little kit puts a whole new meaning to the phrase "Breakfast on the Go"! Available for $45, Cereal to Go includes a t-shirt and matching cereal box in an airtight container. Debra Messing went crazy when she saw the Frosted Mini Wheats tee (since that's her favorite cereal) and she couldn't leave without buying it. Other celebs who have gone cuckoo for their Cocoa Puffs are Christina Aguilera (she bought Lucky Charms) and Ellen (a Cheerio’s lover). “Cereal to Go” is available for $45 at

Juicy Couture Charm Bracelets
Price: $35Juicy Couture is stepping into a new fashion arena! Just this past week in Bloomingdale’s nationwide, Juicy Couture launched their very own chunky gold-plated charm bracelet: an adorable, very hot commodity this Spring snapped up already by Britney Spears, Brittany Murphy, Cameron Diaz and Kylie Minogue. With an assortment of 30 charms that range from lollipop charm to pineapple to NYC Apple, these charm bracelets are all about personalizing. In addition it's very affordable -- you can buy the bracelet fully adorned (each charm is $30 to $55), or you can buy a starter bracelet for $35 (equipped with the Juicy Couture "J" and the Heart charm). How's that for a Spring bargain! Available at Bloomingdale’s, 1-800-555-SHOP

Rabbi's Daughters for White Trash Charms Necklaces
Price: $375 (gold), $88.00 (silver)These brand new necklaces were created due to popular demand of the Rabbi's Daughters T-shirts and tanks! Sharon Osbourne loves the "Meshuggenah" -- which means crazy person. Kelly Osbourne wears the "Shiksa" which means non-Jewish female. Debra Messing is waiting to wear her “Mamaleh” which means darling mother! Available at