Starbucks polar bear cookies stir up controversy, but they're actually old news

/ Source: TODAY

Get over it, people.

First there was the so-called red-cup "war on Christmas," and now there's another holiday controversy brewing for Starbucks: cookies that look like poached polar bears.

But don't worry! Not only were no polar bears harmed in the making of these cookies — the coffee giant isn't even making the treats at all anymore.

Yes, it seems this controversy is simply a cold case.

After some old photos of the polar bear cookies started popping up on social media recently, people couldn't help but notice an unappetizing aspect — the bears' red scarfs looked like bloody neck wounds.

Cue the Internet freak-out!

Alas, anyone on the hunt for the morbid-looking cookies will be disappointed.

Starbucks stopped selling the sweets years ago.

"In December of 2010 we served smiling polar bear cookies in cozy scarves," the company revealed in a recent statement to Buzzfeed. "They are just one example of our tradition to offer holiday cookies that are festive and delicious. This year you can find snowmen cookies and gingerbread people in holiday sweaters."

And while the snowmen cookies are sporting similar icing scarves to those the polar bears once wore, Starbucks wisely chose the color blue for the winter accessories.

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