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Spring forward with stylish raingear

/ Source: TODAY

Sure, April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring sopping-wet shoes, frizzy hair, messy mud rooms and the desire to just stay in bed until dryer skies prevail. You try envisioning bright, sunny days spent outside to cheer yourself up, then you step in a giant puddle by mistake and curse the cats-and-dogs downpour.

Does your heart sink every time Al Roker says rain is on the way? Does the slightest humidity make you cancel plans and run for cover? Take a look at DailyCandy’s latest, totally adorable waterproof finds and soon you will brighten at the sight of a passing cloud. Some of these fun, stay-dry discoveries are so cute you’ll even wish for stormy weather.

There’s such a thing as glamorous, waterproof jewelry?
It used to be that spring storms made it nearly impossible to accessorize, unless you counted that battered, inside-out umbrella — it’s always better to avoid the soggy, cold yuckiness of wet yarn, ribbon or metal around your neck. Surfer-girl designer Alexandra Cassaniti has invented a waterproof necklace, $65, inspired by the rubber wetsuits of California wave riders. It’s made from a recycled bike tube right here in the U.S. of A. and is so spot-on trendy you’ll look like a dry and perfectly turned-out Bond girl. This sort of rubbernecking is part fierce, part fun and all rain-proof.

Dry by designGoing waterproof head-to-toe without sporting bright yellow fisherman’s gear is a particularly tricky fashion challenge. We found help in the form of very glitzy water-repellent dresses and pumps, $100 to $200, that don’t look much like rainwear at all. They’re part of a really artful, design-y and slick collaboration between mysterious indie fashioner Slow and Steady Wins the Race and nifty Portland, Ore., shop Stand Up Comedy. It’s so avant-garde, yet wearable and lovely, too. And if these pieces can withstand Portland’s rain, which inspired their creation, you are certainly going to stay dry — all the while effortlessly looking like someone who knows about everything first.

Trench dressingThere’s a good reason spies and detectives are always seen in trench coats: It’s a one-piece look that’s easy to throw on and that keeps you safe from any storm. If you’d rather not mess with perfection, choose a traditional, well-made, classic khaki number from the Gap, $79.99. Or, transform rainy days into unexpected dress-up days with Topshop’s playfully pretty, lace-back Victorian, $160. The flirty lines make this coat more of a frock that you want to wear inside and outside, and detailing like this will always be romantic.

Puddle jumpersBrazilian shoe wizard Melissa has again teamed up with the fanciful British designer Vivienne Westwood to craft the most charming galosh-boots, $130, any lady could ever dream of wearing. You can’t beat that price for something such a glamorous designer created, that will also last forever. Nasty puddles won’t have half a chance when they see you coming in these bright, bodacious booties. (We’re partial to the blue.) Plus, since they’re well-constructed, utterly comfortable boots of lightweight plastic that happen to be waterproof, you can wear them any old day throughout spring and with the daintiest dress all day long. 

An umbrella to make you smile
Anyone trying to make off with your umbrella will be foiled when you’re carrying such a distinctive one.  They’ll never get away without catching everyone’s attention, and you won’t let yourself accidentally leave this one behind, either. Le Sportsac, that jazzy maker of on-the-go totes, has branched into umbrellas, $25, and they are just the wildly patterned antidote to any rainy-day blues. They’re compact and perfectly portable, but the coolest part is they come in prints that match the totes — how formal a rain look is that?

The rain in MaineThe oldest, most experienced experts in serious, Maine-tested raingear, L.L. Bean, have created frisky footwear, $69, that’s so feminine, so fun, and so modern. It’s a DailyCandy secret to always remember the seasoned pros when looking for the new and chic — they’ve been around this long for a reason. The bright colors and charming linings sing in the rain. Sturdy enough for a Maine gale; pretty enough for your carpool or work commute. These are the kind of shoes teenage daughters steal from their moms and enjoy just as much.

Cap it off with a big spring trendSalute this spring’s military-look frenzy for just $20. A smart rain cap from Columbia is sturdy, water-resistant and probably the trendiest hat you could wear right now,  rain or shine. It’s not what anyone would expect as rain gear, but works so perfectly, wicking away water from the troops and keeping you looking sharp. 

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