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People are torn over the true color of lemon-lime Gatorade: Green or yellow?

The thirst-quenching drink is at the center of a hot debate.
/ Source: TODAY

A fierce debate over the color of lemon-lime Gatorade has people seeing red.

Well, actually it has some people seeing yellow and others seeing green.

The whole brouhaha began when players on the University of Tennessee football team appeared in a TikTok video and shared their opinions on just what color the drink is.

“It’s yellow. ... How is that green?” one player shouts at a teammate.

“If you think this is yellow, I need you to reevaluate your eyesight,” another player says.

“Do you know what yellow looks like?” that same player says while reacting to a teammate’s pick.

“If you take a green grape and put it next to the Gatorade, you will see it is the same exact color,” that player adds while pleading his case.

Green? Or yellow? Who really knows?Shutterstock

Colorful methods used to defend their picks aside, this argument has stirred up some old debates about shading. Who can forget the granddaddy of them all, the 2015 dispute over whether a dress was white and gold or blue and black that tore the internet apart and left people black and blue after getting verbally dressed down for disagreeing with their friends and loved ones?

It’s not just visuals, either. In 2018, people were back at it over a recording, disagreeing about whether they heard the word “Laurel” or “Yanny.”

So, is lemon-lime Gatorade yellow or green? We’re not going to get in the middle of this, but we will say you ought to think about grabbing a bottle to stay hydrated because you just might work up a sweat arguing.