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Son gets same dorm room his father had in 1978

Talk about following in your father's footsteps: Mike Robell was moving into Emmons Hall at Michigan State University with his dad when it was discovered that it was the very same room his father had occupied in 1978.
/ Source: The Associated Press

Following in your father's footsteps by attending the same university is one thing. But moving into the same dorm room as your dad?

Mike Robell has found himself in B310 in Emmons Hall at Michigan State University — the very same room occupied by his father in 1978.

What are the odds? The East Lansing university has about 8,000 rooms.

The freshman's father, Rich Robell, 50, said he suspected it was his old room. It has the same floor and same wall color. The phone number is the same, too. The same broken window latch offered some key evidence.

The proof came from a university archivist, who located a 1978 student directory.

Housing complex manager Tim Knight says it's the first time in his 37-year tenure that he's aware of a parent and child having the same room by chance.

“I guess it was meant to be,” said Rich Robell.