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So hot! Makeup, jewels the celeb set can't resist

Style guru Steven Cojocaru shares the scoop on Steven Speilberg's favorite bracelet and what Sarah Jessica Parker is concealing.
/ Source: TODAY

Which famous director is giving fashion advice, how Pamela Anderson is finally covering up and what Sarah Jessica Parker is concealing. On NBC’s “Today” show, celebrity style expert Steven Cojocaru offers a look at all this and more. Learn more about the items he discusses on the show:

Miss Army Knives: $20
Advocates for women's rights rejoice! For decades now there's been the "Swiss Army Knife" a very suitable tool that men worldwide have sworn by. Now, finally, LA-based company Miss Army, has invented the women's equivalent, called the Miss Army Knife! The tightly packed, lightweight device (not much larger than the men's Swiss Army Knife, and surprisingly very easy-to-carry in your purse or on a keychain) comes with 15 must-have female emergency items — including a flashlight, nail file, scissors, a pill box, mirror, safety pin, tweezers and even a secret compartment to put an emergency stash of perfume! Miss Army Knife just launched at the beginning of this week. Mandy Moore and Amanda Bynes bought them and put them right on their keychains.Miss Army Knives/$20 at

Brazilian cowboy hat: $45
Even celebs have really bad hair days!And it seems that the hottest new solution to the "bad hair day" is the Brazilian Cowboy hat, which celebs such as Kate Beckinsale and Pamela Anderson have grown very fond of recently! They both purchased the $45 groovy cowboy hat at Intuition Boutique in LA.Brazilian cowboy hat/$45 at

Bijou Bags: $300-$400
This "Cuff Clutch" is made of Italian hand sewn lambskin. The vintage brooches adorn the cuff and can be worn as a bracelet, or slide the cuff all the way to your bicep and wear it under your arm. Natasha Heinstridge and Heather Graham just bought them.Bijou Bags/$300-$400,

"YOLO" bracelet: the hottest new piece of jewelry in Hollywood
Everybody could use a little inspiration in their lives. "YOLO" stands for You only live once. In March, a company also named YOLO made the motto highly fashionable! They've created bracelets with luxurious and hip cuff bands made out of lizard skin, and each has a sterling silver plate in the middle with the slogan written out: "YOLO" (and there's a gorgeous crystal in between each letter.) They're a good luck/inspirational bracelet, which has been flying off shelves at Fred Segal. The cuffs come in hot colors such as blue, pink, camel and black, retailing for: $350 to $425 at Fred Segal Tiara, 310-394-8186. Celebs such as Nicky and Paris Hilton and Mischa Barton have them, and Steven Spielberg gave them as gifts to his whole family.YOLO Bracelet/$350-$425 at

Trend in Loungewear: Could someone be toppling the Juicy Couture empire?
Primp is a hot new collection of one-of-a-kind sweats. What makes these so hip and unique? Each piece has designs which were created with bleach! Jessica Simpson bought the sweatshirt hoodie with the (bleach-designed) ice cream cone. Parisloves the skirt with the (bleach-designed) unicorn. Both celebs have been photographed in them.Primp hoodie, $157/Primp Skirt $127,

Waterproof Concealer: a "Today"/Cojocaru exclusive
AmazingCosmetics (a small makeup company in their 5th year of business) has become the best-kept secret in Hollywood. They are launching a new product to the public this week just in time for beach season: a line of brand new waterproof concealers, which includes shades for women of all colors and ethnicities. Professional makeup artists in Hollywood deem the concealer a must-have tool. (They were able to test-out the concealer during the past two months before it launched in stores.) What's the secret to this new formula? It is so concentrated and high in pigmentation that it is known to conceal everything from under eye circles to broken capillaries, blemishes, rosacea, sun-damaged skin, stretch marks and even tattoos. Celebrities who are addicted to the waterproof formula include: Brooke Shields, Drew Barrymore, Cindy Crawford, Sarah Jessica Parker, Giselle Bundchen, and Heidi Klum.Waterproof concealer/$40 at