'So excited': Adoptive mother of 4 Ukrainian children to return home with last child

Lisa Bundy, far left, and husband Dave Bundy of Montgomery, Ala., with their adopted Ukrainian children Karina, Alla, Nastia and Max.

After weeks of stress and separation, the wait is finally over: The Bundy family, who recently traveled to Ukraine to adopt four children, will be reunited when mom Lisa Bundy returns to the United States on Friday with the last child to be officially adopted, 16-year-old Nastia.

“So excited,” she wrote in an email, adding that “now a whole new journey begins.”

Lisa will be greeted at the Atlanta airport by husband Dave Bundy, who left Kiev with their three other adopted Ukrainian children on Feb. 23 after violent protests broke out in the capital city. While the other adoptions had already been finalized, Nastia’s was delayed, so Lisa stayed behind with her to see it through.

For the past few weeks, Lisa and Nastia have stayed with missionaries and other adoptive parents on the outskirts of Kiev. But their time in Ukraine is quickly coming to a close. Nastia was issued a Ukrainian passport on Wednesday and should receive her U.S. visa on Thursday, allowing her to make the trip to her new home in Montgomery, Ala. 

The three children at home — Karina, Alla and Max — are eagerly awaiting Lisa and Nastia's return home.

"They are excited, and I think they've seen too much of me," Dave joked. "They talk about Nastia and 'mama' every day."

This weekend, the family plans to celebrate their reunion with a belated Christmas celebration.