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US cities are asking citizens to name their snowplows and we can’t stop laughing

From Austin Plowers to Plowdy Doody, these clever puns will make you say 'Holy plow!'

For all the snowy excitement and charm the winter provides, indeed, it’s not all thrills and ski trips. Still, some cold-weather cities are having some pun (see what we did there?) and snow!

Across the country, in the snowy parts at least, cities and states are bringing out their best pun work to compete in snow plow naming contests. From Chicago to New York, all hail has broken loose when it comes to getting creative about names.

For the 2022-2023 winter season, the South Dakota Department of Transportation announced that it would officially name 12 snowplows.

According to Joel Jund, the state’s transportation secretary, “The contest was designed to engage people across the state with the SDDOT in a creative way. Safety on our roadways is our number one priority, and snowplow operation and winter driving awareness are vital to keeping people safe.”

In the 2020-2021 season, names like “Mt. Plowmore,” “Winter Warrior,” and “Frosty the Snowplow” were selected as official winners of the competition.

Bostonians from public elementary and middle school classrooms also turned up for competitions in their area and submitted winning names this year, like “Flurry Fighter,” “Plower Ranger,” and “Sled Zeppelin.”

Gina Fiandaca, Massachusetts Transportation Secretary and CEO, issued a statement regarding this year’s snowplow contest which was its first-ever partnership with school students.

“In addition to recognizing the schools that submitted winning names, this contest also strengthens the connection MassDOT has with communities across the Commonwealth,” she said. 

Voting also took place in Madison, Wisconsin, last week, where those interested in raising the brrr determined what to name the city’s newest plows, including a loader with a double-wing plow truck, a quad-axle brine truck and a double-wing plow truck.

Names like Dolly Plowton, Blizzo, and Snowsferatu were among the entries.

As for Chicago, nearly 17,000 residents of the city voted to name seven snowplows after some classic Chicago places and weather, like the Sears Plower and Sleet Home Chicago.

In Erie County, New York, residents voted on names submitted by kids under 18 and adults. Some highlights from the under 18 category include: Snowbi Wan Kenobi, Plowasaurus Rex, Chicken Plow Mein and Brr-ito. The adult category had suggestions like The Big Leplowski, Fast and Flurrious and a riff on an old classic, Plowey McPlowface.

The last name is likely a reference to one of the first public votes that went awry in the best way to name a vessel. In 2016, the British public hilariously voted to name a nearly $300 million research ship the RRS Boaty McBoatface.