Slain gun instructor’s kids: We want to comfort the girl who accidentally killed our dad

The grieving children of Charles Vacca, the Arizona gun instructor accidentally killed while teaching a 9-year-old student how to shoot an Uzi, say they plan on reaching out to the girl's family with a message of comfort.

“He was a good person, but we know they are as well. We just want to make sure they understand that we know it was a tragic accident and it's something we're all going to have to live with,” said daughter Ashley, adding that she plans to write a letter to the girl and her family. 

Here's more of what the family had to say:

  • “I wanted to make sure they didn't spend a big portion of their life surrounding it around this one incident,” explained Vacca’s daughter Elizabeth.

  • “My heart goes out to the little girl and I feel sorry for her and for her family," said Vacca's ex-wife, Anamarie.
The family of Charles Vacca.