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/ Source: TODAY
By Rebekah Lowin

The four Dobbie sisters of Adelaide, Australia knew exactly how to forever memorialize their dog after he became sick and needed to be put to sleep.

Tigger, their small Jack Russell terrier, had been a member of their family for a whopping 16 years. So it's only natural they were heartbroken when he fell ill. They decided that they would preserve his memory by recreating a sweet childhood photo they'd taken with him when he was a puppy, almost 15 years ago.

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The resulting photo, side-by-side with its vintage counterpart, has since gone viral on Reddit and photo-sharing platform Imgur.

It was first posted by the second-eldest sister, Louise.

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Many Imgur users chimed in with condolences for the dog. User cdoe wrote, "I know [how] that feels. We had to put our pup of 15 years down in July. One of the toughest days ever. But lots of memories," while user kaiowhat added, "I lost my first dog around the same age and it sucks so badly. You gave them a good life, condolences."

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