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Singer Kimberly Henderson shares post-baby belly photo to embrace 'imperfection'

Singer Kimberly Henderson says her children have again reminded her why she needs to love "every imperfection" on her belly.
/ Source: TODAY

Singer Kimberly Henderson, the mother of four who received attention this summer for a Facebook photo of her post-baby body, says her children have again reminded her why she needs to love “every imperfection” on her belly.

The South Carolina musician, whose lullaby version of Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” went viral last year, took to Facebook again with a message for fellow moms to be kind to themselves.

Henderson said that after getting out of the shower one night last week, she glanced at herself in the mirror and sighed, thinking, "dang what I would give to see my abs again.”

Her youngest child then snapped her out of her “pity me moment” a second later.

“My 2 year old grabbed my leg and pulled on my shorts for me to kiss her,” she wrote in a caption of a Facebook photo that shows her stomach. “And it was that second she reminded me that every imperfection on my belly was worth having sweet moments like that! #lovetheskinyourein.”

Henderson received attention for a similar post over the summer, when she decided to upload an unedited, “unphotoshopped” picture of herself to illustrate her struggle to accept what her body looks like after children.

“I used to have a six pack before my babies. And now even though I work out I know its not going to make my loose skin tight. Or my stretch marks disappear ever lol,” she wrote. “And I'm ok with that because everyday I get to wake up to 4 beautiful smiling faces and I'm reminded that they are worth this flabby belly and they are worth these stretch marks.”

Henderson said she posted the photo because she wanted other women to embrace what they can’t change.

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“Love it. You have nothing to be ashamed about," she told at the time. "Once you have that mindset, you will feel so much better about things. We are so hard on ourselves, especially as mamas. We should always know that our body is sexy, no matter what shape, size, how many stretch marks or loose skin. Love your body."

Henderson first caught national attention for a viral video of her singing her baby to sleep with the Sam Smith arrangement of Houston’s song.