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Simone Biles shares loving birthday message to 'man of my dreams' Stacey Ervin Jr.

What could be more romantic than a kiss amid a field of sunflowers?
/ Source: TODAY

Simone Biles and Stacey Ervin Jr. have been together for the past two years, but they're just as much in love today as ever.

And on the occasion of Ervin's 26th birthday, Biles, 22, has posted a sunny, heartfelt photo on Instagram along with an equally beautiful message.

"(H)appy birthday to the man of my dreams," she captioned the pic, taken by photographer Christian Morales. "(S)o many things I love about you. Your energy lights up an entire room. You're a true gentleman and you always put others first! Your mindset, grit and your passion for greatness. 26 will be a great one! Never stop being you Stacey Ervin Jr. I love you. 224."

For those not in the know, "224" is shorthand for "2day, 2morrow, 4ever" and basically means "I love you."

Which is very clear from that photo!

Ervin wrote back with his own adoring message in the comments: "I appreciate you more each day. Sincerely, you are my angel & inspire me. Thank you for continuing to believe in me, & always being yourself. I love you forever. 224."

According to People magazine, Biles and Ervin, a fitness coach and former gymnast, formed a love connection in 2017 after Biles' grandmother (and adopted mother) hired him to be a coach at her gym.

Since both are athletes, they have an innate understanding of how their very physical lives can take precedence over a relationship, which may be one reason they've lasted so long. As Biles told People in 2017, "We already know in each other's lives we don't come first, and that's OK with the both of us. So we do what we need to do, and then when we come together it's fine."