What makes you smile? Join TODAY and share your #100HappyDays photos

Are you happy? TODAY sure is!

Starting July 1, we’re joining the #100HappyDays campaign that’s taken the web by (happy) storm! Started by 27-year-old Dmitry Golubnichy, the worldwide initiative's goal is to find joy in little things — a cup of coffee, a pet, a sunrise, a co-worker — and feature the small moments of happiness in photos over the course of 100 days.

#100HappyDays: Meet the man behind the social phenomenon spreading joy around the world

Using the hashtag #100HappyDays, the TODAY family will share pictures of everyday joys that make us happy on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram — and we want you to join in! Upload your photos using #100HappyDays, and be sure to tag TODAY.

We’ll also share the kinds of stories that make us happy every day, about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. 

See what’s making TODAY happy already — and check back through October 8 for more! 




To kickoff #100happydays - the little gift that's already making me happier than I've ever been

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#100HappyDays Enjoying my 1st cup early in the am...

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#100happydays pic of my nieces after colorful run/walk. They along with their big bro make me HAPPY!

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The sound of pouring a homemade cup of coffee. (Served with a Stella D'oro Breakfast Treat of course!) #100HappyDays

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Share your images using #100HappyDays on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.