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Seniors, put those aches and pains to rest

With the help of specially designed sleep gadgets, a good night's slumber could be yours once more.
/ Source: TODAY

Are you tired of tossing and turning all night? Getting a good night’s sleep gets harder as we age, and you may need to make a few adjustments to get quality winks. Jim Miller, writer of the Savvy Senior syndicated newspaper column, was invited on “Today” to introduce his favorite sleep aids.

This white noise machine creates a sound similar to that produced by a fan. The 980 model operate at two speeds, both of which create a consistent, smooth sound of rushing air without actually blowing air around the room. This white noise effectively masks unwanted noises and creates a sense of calm, making it easier for you to relax and sleep., 800-999-6962; $56.95

Ultra slim fluorescent magnifying lampWant to read in bed? This lamp is designed to help those with low vision. It offers a 7-inch diameter glass magnification lens with a 36-inch floating arm, a clamp mount and a 28-watt fluorescent, 866-329-5444; $159.99

Bed caneSimplify getting in and out of bed with this bed cane. It’s ideal for people with balance problems or mobility limitations. The Bed Cane has a cushion grip handle that can be adjusted to meet the length and height of the mattress, and the safety strap attaches to the bed frame for added stability and security. It also comes with a pouch that lets you keep important items close, 888-755-7881; $89.95

Jobri BetterRest mattress topper Provide three inches of extra softness and comfort to any bed with this overlay. When you lay down to sleep it reacts to the temperature of your body and begins to mold itself to your shape to provide you with customized, 888-867-2225; twin $207, queen $295, king $419

Dream Deluxe adjustable bedThis ergonomically designed adjustable bed comes with a new self-adjusting mattress. This system offers ergonomic support and zero pressure points, helping you get an oxygen rich blood flow along with deep REM, 800 952-7844; Prices start at $2,000 for a twin bed.

Mattress Genie This universal bed lift can transform your mattress into an adjustable bed. You can raise your bed to the angle that best suits your needs. It fits all bed sizes and fully inflates in less than a minute, raising the head of your mattress up to 40 degrees, or about 26, 800-950-0230; Price range: $89.85 to $143.40

Snoozer full body pillow
The ergonomic design of this white European goose down body pillow supports the hips and shoulders evenly, which helps to keep the spine in its proper alignment., 888-867-2225; $154.00

Contour memory foam leg pillowThe contour leg pillow is available in memory foam. Its special design helps relieve pain and pressure on your low back, hips and knees., 800-950-0230; $19.95

Contour Cloud pillow Support the natural contours of your head, neck, shoulders and back. This pillow offers a ribbed memory foam surface for air circulation along with an ergonomic contour shape and crescent cutout design to support your head and neck without shoulder or back, 800-950-0230; Price ranges: $19.95 to $49.90

Better Sleep pillow The ergonomic design of this contoured orthopedic pillow made with memory foam offers a center and side recess for your arm to rest unrestricted, without the weight of laying on it. Great for side sleepers who suffer lower back pain, shoulder pain, or neck and shoulder pain., 800-894-0173; $99.95

BackMax This is a multiple-position cushion wedge system that offers zero-gravity support. There are seven possible configurations to suit your comfort, 800-950-0230; $99.95

Sonic boom alarm clock
This extra loud vibrating alarm clock is designed for people who may have hearing impairment. You can select the tone and loudness for the audible alarm. Or you can be woken by placing the vibrating bed shaker under your pillow or, 888-940-0605; $69.99