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Selena Gomez back on tour after hospitalization

The singer says it was a mix of being "malnourished, dehydrated and low on iron" that landed her in the hospital after a "Tonight Show" appearance last week.
/ Source: E!online

What a trouper!

When we got word that Selena Gomez was rushed to the hospital on Friday, all we could do was worry about the young star. Luckily, we heard later that day that she was "OK," which made us feel better.

And maybe it was having boyfriend Justin Bieber by her side that quickened the recovery process, but whatever it might have been, the starlet went back to the stage Monday to resume her Monte Carlo mall tour.

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So why'd our girl get sick?

From what she tells us, it was a mix of being "malnourished, dehydrated and low on iron."

But she has a sure-fire way of not letting this unfortunate event happen again: "Just take care of myself better."

That's not all the celeb told us, check out the video above for more S.G. deets.

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