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See the emotional moment when 83-year-old hears late husband's voice again

/ Source: TODAY

83-year-old Jean Walters, who suffers from dementia, thought she'd never hear the voice of her late husband again.

In 2005, her granddaughter, Abbie Webb, had gifted her a teddy bear complete with a recording of her husband Dennis Walters' voice that could be heard when the toy was squeezed. That was just before Dennis passed away due to complications from lung cancer. But recently, the voice recording broke and was unable to be played.

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Webb was determined to fix the bear and allow her grandmother the chance to hear Dennis' voice again, even if it took a bit of elbow grease.

She sent the stuffed animal to a company that promised to do what they could to repair the damage done to the recording. Sure enough, they were able to fix it.

The next step: Surprise Walters with the new and improved bear! In a brilliant move, Webb decided to capture the whole thing on camera ... and now, that home video is swiftly growing in popularity online.

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At first, Walters is happy to see the bear again, but it's not clear whether she understands it has a new sound system. But after being told to give it a squeeze, she understands that something exciting's about to happen.

When she does finally hear the long-lost voice of her beloved husband, her reaction says it all.

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