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Secure your home with the latest products

Going away for the holidays? Steve Watson of HGTV presents the newest gadgets to help prevent break-ins.
/ Source: Weekend Today

The holidays are a prime time for burglaries, and while you're away, your home could be more vulnerable to a break-ins. Steve Watson of HGTV's “Don't Sweat It” shares some new gadgets to help protect your home and family.

GE IntelliCorder by Jasco Products
Are you tired of straining your eyes to see who's on the other side of the door? GE SmartHome introduces the IntelliCorder, an intelligence surveillance system that reveals an on-screen image of your visitor without you looking through a peephole. The IntelliCorder utilizes a high-resolution video camera that records surveillance video to its internal memory or removable SD card.

A monitoring screen allows the home owner to quickly view video on demand as well as manage and record information. This device installs through a 5/8-inch peephole or any surface less that three inches thick. This is great to way to record any burglars who try to enter through the front door. You can record the coming and going of visitors, your babysitter and children. So if you teen says he came home before his curfew, you can check the IntelliCorder to see exactly what time they actually came in. Benefits of this gadget include:

  • Date stamp marks the time, date, and recording length to document the recording
  • Record, play, rewind, fast forward, zoom, hold, pan and scan features
  • Information recorded on SD card can be transferred to a computer hard drive or recorded to CDs, DVDs or VHS tapes
  • Accepts up to 1 GB SD cards
  • Perfect for home, apartment, office, school, industrial or military security
  • $299.99, available at

Faux security camera from Hammacher Schlemmer
If you're looking for a cheap security solution, you can install an imitation outdoor security camera, which looks and operates like a real one for just $60. Basically the camera looks like a genuine, working security camera — allowing you to create the impression of a high-surveillance area without extensive wiring or remodeling. Even the details are exact — there is a blinking LED light to indicate operation. Simply affix it to a flat surface indoors or outdoors. The camera can also be angled in any direction you want. So if you want to install it in your living room or by the front entrance, you can.

  • Realistic video cable appears to be connected to the wall, implying communication with an actual security station on the premises
  • Can be used outdoor, and the aluminum casing can resist any type of weather
  • Measurement is 8 1/2" L x 3 1/2" W x 4" D and weighs 1 1/2 lbs.
  • $59.95, available at

Honeywell Internet Connection Module
This new security technology allows you to turn on and off your security system while you're away from home. You can activate your security system on your PDA, laptop or any computer.

Let's say you left home and forgot to turn on your alarm system, you simply go to the company's web site on your PDA, select “security” from the home screen and press A for away. With this system, you can also save energy by being able to control the temperature in your home. Select “comfort” at the home screen to view the controls to raise or lower temperature in your home. Cost varies depending on the home security system you have (ADT, Honeywell, Slomin Shields); available at

DataDots Personal I.D. Kit
DataDots are a state of the art identification technology whereby microdots, each the size of a grain of sand, are applied to your personal assets in order to identify property and deter theft. The tiny dots, each 1.0 mm in diameter and made of heavy-duty plastic, are laser-etched with different types of information such as a car’s vehicle information number or a personal identification number registered to the owner in a national database. Hundreds to thousands of dots, suspended in a clear-drying ultraviolet glue, come in a small container. These dots can be swabbed all over cars, plasma TVs, stereo equipment and other possessions like jewelry, phones, etc. In order for police to check stolen property, they shine a UV blacklight on the item and the dots become visible. Police can then use a 30x magnifying glass or microscope to read the PIN and identify the owner. Main benefits:

  • DataDots are almost impossible to remove and do not impact the appearance of an asset
  • Police need to locate only one DataDot to verify true ownership of the valuable
  • DataDots can be used to protect any household item including computers, stereos, golf clubs, antiques, collectibles and mobile phones
  • All contact information is available on the national database accessible to law enforcement officials 24 hours a day
  • Owner contact information can be updated at any time
  • $24.95, available at