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Seahawks playoff win sparks cross-country romance, marriage for this couple

They found love at a Seahawks game (with the help of Myspace).
/ Source: TODAY

When Tony Romo bobbled a snap on a short field goal attempt that famously sunk the Dallas Cowboys in a playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks in 2007, he unwittingly set in motion a cross-country love connection for David and Sarah Webber.

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David grew up as a die-hard Seahawks fan, the kid in his kindergarten class wearing a Steve Largent jersey, but lived in Chicago at the time of the famous game.

"I bought my ticket, wasn't going to know any Seahawks fans there, so I got to figure out how to connect with them,'' Webber told TODAY on Friday in the latest installment of the "Together We Make Football" series with the NFL.

"At the time, there's this relatively new social networking site called Myspace. I had the idea, I'll just get on there — top, front and center, was a picture of Sarah."

David messaged her saying he was looking for a fellow Seattle fan to go to the game in Chicago with.

"As much as I'm flattered, but don't you find it a slight problem that I'm in Seattle?" Sarah told TODAY about her reaction.

"Just think about it,'' he said. "I think we'd be a pretty perfect match."

David's search for a kindred Seattle fan in the Midwest instead sparked a cross-country romance.

"Our first date night, the one that we met, at the restaurant, having never met in person, or even talked on the phone,'' Sarah said. "He sent his first message to me on January 10, 2007, and we were married on November 10, 2007. I literally called it an email utopia. I said let's not ruin it."

The couple now have a son, Nolan, who will soon turn 4, and Sarah is pregnant with their second child.

"Love of the Seahawks definitely initiated our relationship,'' Sarah said.

Jordan Babineaux's tackle of Romo short of the goal line ended up being the difference between the couple ever meeting one another. It was only fitting that as a part of "Together We Make Football,'' they got to meet Babineaux in person, where Nolan gave him a high-five. Babineaux's NFL career wrapped in 2012.

"If it weren't for Jordan Babineaux, we may never have met,'' David said. "We're just another couple of fans, but because the way we met involves the Seahawks, we have a special connection to the team."

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