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A scrumptious mushroom soup recipe

Chef Kerry Heffernan from Eleven Madison Park restaurant shares a great starter for your New Year's Eve get together.
/ Source: TODAY

That's right -- it's time to ring in the new year! And what better way to do it than with a gourmet meal. Kerry Heffernan, executive chef at New York’s, "Eleven Madison Park" – shares a delicious and decadent New Year's Eve meal soup.

Mushroom 'Martini'
Serves 8


1 qts. Good Quality Chicken Stock or Water (for Vegetarian)¾ Pound. Mixed Mushrooms (Hen of the Woods, Shitake, Cremini and Oyster) 1oz. Dried Porcini

1/2 pint Heavy Cream

3 cloves Garlic finely minced

3 sprigs fresh Rosemary, Removed from stem and finely chopped

1 small Yukon Gold Potato, Peeled and thinly sliced

1/4 oz Truffle oil

8 eggs, soft poached and shocked in ice water,reserved

1 pint spinach coulis

½ pound spinach washed, drained,and well wilted,seasoned then well pureed with 2oz. heavy Cream,

8 slices crisp cooked bacon (cut in half lengthwise)

8 “Batons” brioche  croutons 3” 1/3”by 1/3” toasted.

8 sprigs Lovage finely julienned

Wash, then cover mushrooms in stock, and cook for about 1 hour.  Reduce cream by half with dried Porcini and then reserve.  When mushrooms become very tender and stock is done add potatoes and cook till very tender (approximately 15 min).  Puree mushroom and potato mixture in blender till very smooth.  Slowly add hot porcini cream in blender and puree.  Season with salt, pepper and chopped rosemary and garlic to taste,all in the blender and serve.

AssemblyBring mushroom soup to the boil, reserve hot. Boil 1 ½qts water and 2T Salt in a 2 qt saucepot, add eggs to reheat (can use a micro wave if the eggs are in water).In 8 large Martini glasses evenly distribute hot spinach coulis. Then layer well drained and hot poached eggs, cover with hot mushroom soup. And garnish with  brioche, bacon and lovage chiffonade.