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Say what?! Tamron Hall reveals the surprising name she almost grew up with

It's just a Wednesday, no different than any other Wednesday. And then Tamron Hall drops some trivia that changes everything.
/ Source: TODAY

It's just a Wednesday, no different than any other Wednesday.

You wake up, groggily rub your eyes, throw on your work clothes and head out the door. You get to work. You sit down.

And then you turn on the TV and Tamron Hall announces her real name is Maggie May and life as you know it is forever changed.

Yup. Maggie May. If that's hard for you to take in, just try being Savannah. Our unsuspecting anchor didn't know what she was about to uncover when she began chatting about a article featuring a mother who changed her child's name.

"A lot of people couldn't remember [the name]," Savannah remarked about the baby's original given name, Ottilie, as her co-hosts laughed. "They couldn't pronounce it, they didn't understand it."

"So at 3 months old, [the mother] changed her daughter's name ... and they named her Margot, which is beautiful."

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"Well, that happened to me," Tamron chimed in.

Savannah, Al and Dylan froze.

"My grandfather [said] my name is Maggie May," she said. "And my mother said, 'No way,' and made a little switcheroo to Tamron."

"Wait a minute, WHAT?!" said Savannah, echoing the thoughts and feelings of every TODAY viewer across the nation.

"Was your grandfather Rod Stewart?" Al asked, echoing some even more important viewer thoughts.

"... You were born Maggie May?" an incredulous Savannah asked, continuing the important line of questioning.

"Maggie May," Tamron confirmed. "It was after my great-grandmother. My mother said, 'No, it's Tamron.' So I have friends who only call me Maggie May Hall."

Who is this "Maggie May Hall"? Will we ever know for sure? What does "the truth" even mean these days?

"That's a good country song," Al concluded. "Maggie May Hall. Hey now."