Savannah laces up, learns to skate with help of Sochi 'flower girls'

Admittedly, Savannah Guthrie isn't always the most coordinated of the TODAY anchors, but that didn't stop her from lacing up and learning to skate in Sochi—with a little help from her friends.

Those friends were Sochi's "flower girls," who you may have seen swiftly picking up flowers thrown on the ice after Olympic figure skating events. Who better than these pint-sized skaters to teach Savannah the ropes?

Savannah began by admitting to the children that she didn't know how to skate.


They were shocked, but that didn't stop them from getting her out on the ice.


Things were a bit shaky at first, but Savannah eventually found her footing.


Then it was time to present Savannah with her flowers—they are "flower girls," after all. 


And just like that, she was ready to take on the ice all by herself, flowers in hand.


They finished off their lesson by giving Savannah a much-deserved congratulatory hug.

Jen Long / Today