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The San Francisco Giants have a hilarious trophy for their 'most hydrated player'

Players on the San Francisco Giants have turned staying hydrated into a contest, complete with a unique trophy.
/ Source: TODAY

In this contest between San Francisco Giants players, either urine or you're out.

The major league team is giving out a trophy featuring a golden urinal to the winner of its "Hydration Domination" competition, which stresses the importance of staying hydrated.

It's unofficially known as the "M-V-Pee" trophy, as the San Jose Mercury News dubbed it.

The trophy features an inscription that reads, "I piss excellence," which is a line from Will Ferrell's goofball NASCAR character Ricky Bobby in the movie "Talladega Nights."

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The Giants, who have won three World Series titles in the last six seasons, hired sports science specialist and hydration enthusiast Geoff Head two years ago to help with injury prevention.

The theory is that hydrating now will help them to hydrate with champagne — or five beers at once like ace pitcher Madison Bumgarner — as World Series champions in November.

Madison Bumgarner
Ace pitcher Madison Bumgarner demonstrates how the Giants hope to be hydrating after the World Series in November. Gene J. Puskar / AP

"An area we’re really focused on is hydration,'' Head told the San Jose Mercury News. "And one of the ways we check players’ hydration daily is through what’s called USG — a urine specific gravity machine."

The players urinate in the machine and it gives them a score that rates their level of hydration.

"It’s all very powerful information,'' outfielder Hunter Pence told the San Jose Mercury News. "It’s something that I’m tremendously grateful for."

So bottoms up, Giants!

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