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Roseanne Barr files suit against ex-husband

Don't people know better than to mess with the one and only Roseanne?!
/ Source: E!online

Don't people know better than to mess with the one and only Roseanne?!

Apparently Roseanne Barr's ex husband, Ben Thomas, didn't get the memo and that landed him with a swift lawsuit slap right in the face!

Here's what happened...

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Wait, let's back it up a second first.

Her former hubby of seven years (and also former bodyguard) filed against the comedianne last October for violating the custody agreement of their 15-year-old son, Buck.

The arrangements were made a year earlier, after Barr decided to move to Hawaii and take their son with her. She agreed to fly Thomas and his new wife over for ten days each month, all expenses paid.

But, the plan didn't last long. Thomas quotes one of Barr's emails, which said, "I decided I'm no longer interested in abiding by this ridiculous arrangement" and suggested that if he wanted to see Buck, he could "buy himself a ticket and book a room."

That's why he filed, but that's not exactly what pissed the actress off. It was more so the fact that he's blasting it all over the world for everyone to see, including her email address!

Ergo, Roseanne's lawsuit.

Per the complaint filed yesterday at the Los Angeles County Superior Court and obtained by E! News, the actress stated that when the couple divorced, their "2002 Agreement and Order" authorized intense confidentiality and sealed all documents.

Roseanne added that her ex's October lawsuit, "ignored the confidentiality provision which he was unquestionably bound by, and revealed his self-serving attitude and wanton disregard for Plaintiff's privacy, emotional sanguinity...."


Her lawsuit against Thomas is claiming Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Breach of Contract, Invasion of Privacy and several others.

Maybe he learned his lesson now.

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