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Ripped dollar bill reunites two old friends after 40 years

Life may have gotten in the way, but Steve Morris and Joe Whitehead kept their promise of reuniting at their beloved bar 40 years later.
/ Source: TODAY

Steve Morris and Joe Whitehead may not remember all of the conversations they had at El Cid, but there was one they could never forget, thanks to a tattered dollar bill.

It was April 4, 1976. Morris and Whitehead had graduated college, quit their jobs at a Cadillac dealership, and were about to embark on a cross-country camping trip. Unsure what the future had in store, they made each other a promise: to reunite at their favorite dive bar West Palm Beach, Florida, in 40 years, no matter what.

Steve Morris and Joe Whitehead 40 years agoSteve Morris

"The only reason we wouldn't show up is if we were dead," Whitehead, 64, told

Whitehead took a dollar bill out of his wallet, wrote the date "4-4-2016" on either end, and tore it in two. Each man took a half.

Joe Whitehead's half of the dollar bill.Courtesy of Joe Whitehead
Steve Morris' half of the dollar bill.Courtesy of Steve Morris

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And even though they lost touch over the years, Whitehead and Morris have each cherished their half of the bill. Morris kept his in a box of important papers; Whitehead carried his in the window pocket of his wallet as a constant reminder.

And the reminder worked, because when Morris picked up the phone this past Christmas Eve and heard his old pal say "Hi, this is Joe," he immediately responded: "4-4-2016."

"Life had just gotten in the way, as we suspected it would," Morris, 63, told "I was planning on having my son track Joe down, but [Joe] beat me to it."

The two old friends hadn't seen each other since Whitehead moved up to Rhode Island 38 years ago, where he now lives with his wife and their 24-year-old daughter and works as a vice president for global compliance at an international bank.

Steve Morris and Joe Whitehead catching up on the past 40 years.Courtesy of Joe Whitehead

Morris, who stayed in Florida, is now married with a 29-year-old son and a computer-assisted business designing machine parts. He'd been waiting for April 4, 2016 to roll around to return to El Cid with his partner in crime.

Unfortunately the bar closed down last September, so they had to pick another spot to meet. But they still paid homage to the beloved watering hole where so many memories were made.

Steve Morris and Joe Whitehead holding up their halves of the dollar bill outside El Cid.Courtesy of Joe Whitehead

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While reminiscing about the drinks they had after their shifts at the car dealership and the old-school music that would blare from the jukebox, they caught up on 40 years.

"A childhood friend is different because your world is different," Whitehead said. "We went through everything together that those formative years bring — dating, driving, becoming legal — which is the reason why we made this commitment and why it's so special."

Steve Morris and Joe Whitehead holding up their halves of the dollar bill outside El Cid.Courtesy of Joe Whitehead

At the end of the visit, they took out a fresh dollar bill and wrote "4-4-2017" on it. Then they tore it in two and promised to meet in Rhode Island in a year.

"If there's someone you'd like to talk to, don't wait to reach out," Morris said. "It may be too late."