Ride like the wind with these bikes for all ages

Bicycling has become one of the most popular activities for American families. But how do you choose a bike when there are so many on the market? “Today” contributor Paul Hochman was invited on the show to talk about the best selections for riders in all age groups.

For preteen and teenage girlsThe Raleigh Rowdy MSRP: $165
Web site: www.raleighamerica.comThe Rowdy is a real mountain bike for kids who want to ride on the dirt or trails with Mom and Dad. Slightly toned down from the more aggressive (and less versatile) adult mountain bike choices out there — and very affordable — the Rowdy features a strong, low-profile aluminum frame, a front suspension fork and quality Shimano components. It comes in a girl’s and boy’s model and has an easy-to-use single-hand shifter and six speeds. For preteens and teenager (boys and girls)
K2 Reaper
MSRP: $274
Web site: www.k2bikes.comThe Reaper is a classic BMX trick bike that kids love for two reasons – they’re highly maneuverable and they resemble their hero's choice in the Gravity Games and other adrenaline sports. Parents love them because they’re virtually indestructible. The Reaper has a tough, full chromoly frame and front fork and features steel pegs for performing tricks like grinding and making parents wince. For grownup apartment owners and city dwellersiXi – Pro Planet Personal Transport
MSRP: $1,099
Web site: www.ixibike.comThe iXi’s greatest surprises are hidden inside it. Yes, the aluminum bike folds up neatly and quickly into a very tiny space, but it also comes with a repair kit hidden in the seat tube. The iXi runs totally silent, due to a rubber drive belt, which replaces the traditional (and messy) steel chain. There are 4 speeds, folding pedals, a detachable stem and handlebars, and an integrated storage system. Inside the front frame cap, the user will also find a poncho in case of a sudden rain storm.For basic grownup transport, with some trimmingsNovara Big Buzz
MSRP: $799
Web site: www.rei.comUnlike most bike hybrids, the Big Buzz actually lets you generate big speed. It has two big front chain rings and fast 700cc tires. Plus, this is the lowest-price bike available with disc brakes, which make it extremely easy to stop, even when the tires are wet. It’s a great, basic, unpretentious looking bike for anybody who needs durable, but sophisticated transportation.  Midlife crisis bikeElectra Classic and Electra Townie
Comfy Classic MSRP:  $179-$249
Townie MSRP: $370-720
If you blended two parts carefree childhood with one part hot rod, you’d get the Electra Classic, which has hidden virtues — a beautiful, hand painted, two-tone finish hides a highly useful 7-speed Shimano Nexus internal shifter. And it’s available with customizable accessories, like cool bells and retro saddles.  Meanwhile, the Classic’s sister bike, the Townie, features “Flat Foot” technology, which is a combination of recumbent and upright bike, allowing the rider to sit in the saddle with his or her feet flat on the ground.