Reunited! Elderly couple share sweet embrace at airport in viral video

/ Source: TODAY

If the first few moments from the movie "Love Actually" taught us anything, it's that there's no better place to see real displays of love than the arrivals gate at an airport.

And if you need a little real-life evidence to prove that point, look no further than this now-viral video:

Singer-rapper Chris GQ Perry filmed the sweet scene that unfolded in front of him at an airport and dubbed it "true love."

In the clip, an elderly gentleman stands alone with a bouquet of roses and a big grin, eagerly waiting for someone special to join him as passengers disembark from their flight.

Then it happens! A woman dragging a suitcase behind her walks straight into his arms for an emotion-packed cuddle.

With the exception of the attentive man behind the camera, everyone else around seems oblivious to the heartwarming reunion.

Here's hoping they watch the video and finally see what they were missing!

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