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Reporter dives offscreen to avoid getting hit by a car during live broadcast

A harrowing moment was caught on camera when a reporter was broadcasting from the wrong spot at the absolute wrong time.
/ Source: TODAY

A harrowing moment was caught on camera Tuesday when a reporter was broadcasting from the wrong spot at the absolute wrong time.

KTVU reporter Alex Savidge was live, on-air, briefing viewers about a train derailment in California, when a car came barreling toward him and his cameraman.

Savidge managed to jump out of the way of the car in the nick of time, thanks to his photographer, Chip Vaughan, who warned him to move.

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The live video shows Savidge terrified, jumping to his right, as the car comes straight at him. Off camera, viewers hear someone saying, "Holy s---. Oh my god," and, "Tell them you're OK."

Also out of view from the camera, people shouted, "We're OK!" after which someone clearly confirmed, "Yep, everybody's alright. Alex just got out of the way."

Vaughan then went over to the car to make sure the driver was safe, as well.

Soon afterward, Savidge went back on air, and brought out Vaughan to thank him for saving his life. "I just would like to thank Chip," he said, visibly shaken and emotional. "Thanks, it's scary."

The reporters in-studio urged Savidge to take some time to "collect his thoughts."

Savidge stayed on air just long enough to send a message to his wife. "I haven't been able to call her. I just want to tell my wife I'm OK. And my family. In case they hear it online."

He also posted a video to Facebook with the caption, "Close Call! Almost got hit by a car live on-air, heart still pounding." In the video, Savidge lets everyone know that he is fine, if still emotional.

"I just want to let everybody know I'm all right," he says. "My heart hasn't stopped racing."

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Savidge also commented on the video he posted, writing, "Feeling incredibly grateful that Chip and I are OK. I appreciate everyone's well wishes, love and support. It means the world to me."