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Readers on remakes: Hands off the classics, Hollywood!

Most readers don't want their beloved films toyed with, though some like new "Footloose."
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You'd think no one in Hollywood ever had an original idea. From this week's "Footloose,"  a redo of Kevin Bacon's 1984 dance film, to upcoming remakes such as "Total Recall" and "Beetlejuice," remake talk is everywhere.

And unsurprisingly, readers have strong reactions to the idea of their favorite films being remade.

"I hope the new ("Footloose") bombs at the box office," wrote Cory Scott Matthews on our Facebook page. "The original one is awesome and doesn't need a remake. It can't get any better, only (worse)."

His attitude was common among people who responded to our request for remake feedback.

"I seriously disapprove!" Shelah Pearce said in an email. "They cannot replace this classic cheesy '80s film. Who is this guy trying to be Kevin Bacon? He can't live up to the standards that he set. The girl is not nearly snooty or crazy enough! I am furious at the music they have chosen and if they decide not to play the classic Kenny Loggins song 'Footloose' I am sure everyone who has some sort of respect for the original 'Footloose' will be as angry as I am. Dennis Quaid isn't prideful enough. This is a disaster and I am not happy."

But others were more willing to give a new film a shot. Shannon McCown wrote, "The remake, from everything I've seen and heard, seems to be very similar to the original (they even kept Ren's same car — the yellow classic VW). I want to see it and Entertainment Weekly gave it an A rating, I believe."

And Theresa Lindler said she found the new film an improvement over the old. "It is as if they saw your 5 ways list and listened to all of it," she wrote. "The dancers were better. They approached teenage drinking and its consequences in a way that got your attention. They portrayed the characters in a much more real and likable way than many of the stereotypes of the original. The cast is as multiracial as a Georgia high school would be and blended their different styles well. I'm sure some of the original song remakes might ruffle the feathers of some of fans of the original but I myself liked them."

Some readers don't have problems with remakes in general, but wish the filmmakers would bring something fresh to the new film. Chuck Moore wrote to say, "I don't understand the 'Footloose' producers and director Craig Brewer, who I truly admire and respect, using relatively unknown young actors in the lead roles instead of a Justin Timberlake (Brewer directed him in 'Black Snake Moan'), Zac Efron or ideally, Justin Bieber."

And others feel that a new generation should get a shot at seeing stories retold. "We need the new remake of 'Footloose'!" wrote Joy McBride. "It is for this generation. And they are going to love it! They were not trying to outdo the original (but they do) The director and the stars all loved the original. So did I. But the new one is so much more exciting and the stars are better looking. They go so much deeper in explaining the relationships between Ariel and her father and Ren and Willard. They actually show you why the town is so uptight about dancing and loud music. I love the new 'Footloose'!"

"The Thing" is also hitting theaters this week, and despite the same title as the 1982 John Carpenter film (itself an adaptation of a 1951 film), Hollywood is calling this one a prequel, not a remake. That doesn't comfort some readers. Ed Ramirez wrote on Facebook, "It is so sad that the imagination of Hollywood is running thin. 'The Thing' itself has been remade what, four times?"

Other readers are worried about different movies that could yet get the remake treatment. Erica Vela Guitierrez asks, "What's next? 'Pretty in Pink,' 'The Breakfast Club,' 'Fast Times'? Leave the classics alone, they are classics for a reason!"

And Rob Hodge has a true nightmare scenario: "Surprised no one's tried a color version of 'Citizen Kane!' Now that would be blasphemy!"

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