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Quiz: How do I know if I’m a workaholic?

Think you're addicted to the office? Are you often tied to your cubicle? Take Workaholics Anonymous' 20-question survey.
/ Source: TODAY

The 40-hour workweek is dead. Not only are more people working 60+ hours in a week, but they’re also dealing with erratic schedules, tighter deadlines and technology that makes them on call 24/7. More Americans are identifying themselves as workaholics, and with that comes programs like Workaholics Anonymous. If you think you might be a little too dependent on work, take Workaholics Anonymous' questionnaire, which may help you self-diagnose yourself:

  1. Are there times when you can charge through your work and other times when you can’t?
  2. Do you take work with you to bed? On weekends? On vacation?
  3. Is work the activity you like to do best and talk about most?
  4. Do you work more than 40 hours a week?
  5. Do you turn your hobbies into money-making ventures?
  6. Do you take complete responsibility for the outcome of your work efforts?
  7. Have your family or friends given up expecting you on time?
  8. Do you take on extra work because you are concerned that it won’t otherwise get done?
  9. Do you underestimate how long a project will take and then rush to complete it?
  10. Do you believe that it is okay to work long hours if you love what you are doing?
  11. Do you get impatient with people who have other priorities besides work?
  12. Are you afraid that if you don’t work hard you will lose your job or be a failure?
  13. Is the future a constant worry for you even when things are going very well?
  14. Do you do things energetically and competitively, including play?
  15. Do you get irritated when people ask you to stop doing your work in order to do something else?
  16. Have your long hours hurt your family or other relationships?
  17. Do you think about your work while driving, falling asleep or when others are talking?
  18. Do you work or read during meals?
  19. Do you believe that more money will solve the other problems in your life?
  20. Do you get more excited about your work than about family or anything else?

If you answer “yes” to three or more of these questions, you may be a workaholic. Relax. You are not alone.

For more information on Workaholics Anonymous — where the only requirement for membership is the desire to stop working compulsively — visit