Queen Latifah 'totally serious' about adopting a child

Queen Latifah hopes to become Mommy Latifah.
Queen Latifah hopes to become Mommy Latifah.Rich Schultz / AP / Today
By Fan Winston

The Queen is ready for an heir. During a chat with the ladies of "The View" Wednesday, Queen Latifah, 42, revealed she's considering starting a family of her own through adoption.

When co-host Barbara Walters asked the "Joyful Noise" actress if she would ever adopt, Latifah told Walters, "I'm actually kind of working on that."

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Added the currently single rapper, "I think I saw one of those specials . . . you know those movies of the week. And it was like -- I just always wanted to bring a child home."

Still not satisfied with Latifah's response, Walters pressed her for more info.

"So are you really seriously planning on adopting?" Walters asked.

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"I'm totally serious," Latifah said, adding jokingly, "So if you got a kid that you don't . . . Just give me a year -- let me set up camp and send me the kid! But no, no, totally."

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