Queen Elizabeth: I hope royal baby arrives before my holiday 

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By Scott Stump

Count Queen Elizabeth among the contingent across the world anxiously awaiting the arrival of the royal baby.

During a visit to Cumbria, England on Wednesday in which she greeted a group of schoolchildren, the queen was asked by a small girl whether she would like the newest heir to the throne to be a boy or a girl. She said the sex of the baby does not matter to her, but that the waiting game threatens to throw a wrench into her summer vacation plans.

"I don't think I mind," she said of the gender, adding “I hope it arrives soon because I’m going on holiday."

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On Monday, Prince William's stepmother, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, shared in the anxiousness of the royal family about the new baby. During a visit to a children's hospice, she said that "we're all waiting at the end of the telephone."

The child is expected any day, but no exact due date was ever given by Prince William and Duchess Kate other than "mid-July."

Neither the duke nor duchess claim to know the gender of their child. Earlier this year, however, Queen Elizabeth took steps to update a century-old rule to make it easier to grant the child the title “princess” if she is a girl. Otherwise, a daughter would have only been allowed to receive the title, “lady.”

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