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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis launch 'quarantine wine' for a good cause

100% of the profits will go to charities that help with COVID-19 relief funds.
/ Source: TODAY

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are using their platform to pitch in to raise proceeds for COVID-19 response efforts. Kutcher announced the fundraising effort on his Instagram, sharing via a series of posts that he and Kunis were launching a quarantine-themed wine through Nocking Point.

“Mila and I are launching quarantine wine!” he captioned a video message from the married couple on Instagram. “100% of profits got to covid-19 relief!”

“These are unprecedented times that we’re living in and unprecedented times call for unprecedented–“ Kutcher said to kick-off the video before Kunis chimed in.

“More drinking,” the 36-year-old actress joked, finishing her husband’s sentence.

“I was going to say unprecedented measures, but you said more drinking, I like it,” he said. “One of the things we’ve been doing in the evening while hanging out in our homes… in the evenings we like to do virtual dates and hangouts with friends. And one of the things we like to do on those virtual dates is eat, drink, share a glass of wine, reconnect."

The 42-year-old actor added that they have also been spending their time figuring out how to help those in need during these trying times.

"The other thing we’ve been working hard on is helping out a lot of charities," he continued. "We’ve been finding charities that are focusing on getting PPE into the country, charities that are helping feed kids, businesses that are in distress.”

Kunis was the one to come up with the idea that combines their passion for drinking and helping others into one project. “Mila’s brilliant idea was to create a wine where we could actually give shout-outs to whoever we want with the wine,” Kutcher explained.

She chimed in, adding, “100 percent of the proceeds go to a handful of charities that we have done homework on, due diligence, vetted out to make sure that their overhead is low enough or they actually do the work that they’re supposed to do, where their outcome is visible. So we kind of took the guessing game out in case you want to help people so you can look at this as a charitable donation.”

The official website for their quarantine wine shares the four charities that will receive the profits from the sales of the wine: GiveDirectly, Direct Relief, Frontline Responders Fund and America’s Food Fund.

According to the website, these charities assist families on SNAP in areas majorly affected by COVID-19, providing medical equipment and PPE to frontline workers, delivering PPE and ventilators to medical facilities, as well as providing reliable and safe food access nationwide.

Two bottles of the wine cost $50, while the member price is just $40.

One of the cute features of the bottle is a customizable label so that wine lovers can give a shout-out to whoever they are cheers'ing to. The couple who have been married since 2015, sweetly recognized their fans and followers by writing, "You!"